Ease into postpartum with support and joy

Why did you want to be a mother? What are you dreaming of?

Lots of us imagine the sweet weight and intoxicating smell of holding the newborn close, the joy of the first smile, raspberries on the belly and bright peals of laughter filling the room. Maybe you’re dreaming of the bliss of a baby nursing contently on the breast, milk-drunk and completely satisfied!

You want these timeless moments of connection and deep purpose.

What you get in modern life, however, is often much more complicated.

Instead of a soft-focus tableau, there is often a fog – of exhaustion from interrupted sleep, pain in the breasts and bottom or tummy, and frustration at feeling incompetent at something that is supposed to be “natural.”

Alongside feelings of profound love for baby, you feel disoriented – everything looks the same, yet you feel completely different. But baby needs you all the time, so you have no time to figure it out!


Align Reality With Your Dreams

The postpartum period is hard because we misunderstand it. You think you are “having a baby” – adding a baby to your life. That’s true on the surface, but the deeper truth is that you are becoming a mother.

It isn’t addition. It’s metamorphosis.

Nest supports your metamorphosis. Inspired by the stories of my birth and coaching clients, research into healthy postpartum practices, and my own journey as a mom, Nest is a coaching program that helps you prepare for early parenthood and provides the emotional and coaching support that enable you and baby to thrive.

Nest “flips the script” of the conventional postpartum story, in which shell-shocked parents try to meet baby’s needs and keep their old life running. Instead, Nest puts the needs of the new mother and new baby at the center and builds an abundant support structure around them, so that resting, feeding, bonding, and getting used to your new life is all you have to do for a while. You can enjoy the gentle, easy, and joyful beginning that you dream of!


“If we focus on helping mothers have a positive relationship with their babies, many of the difficulties of new motherhood will fall by the wayside.”- Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC, Depression in New Mothers.


How It Works

The Nest program has two key elements: curriculum and community.

CURRICULUM: The curriculum is delivered in five 90-min consecutive weekly in-person evening classes. During this time you’ll will learn the Nest principles and practices and organize your life for postpartum thriving.

  • Get organized with what you and baby really need for the first six-to-twelve weeks, so you can rest, relax, and bond.
  • Get smart on the preoccupations of new mothers, breastfeeding and sleep, and line up support.
  • Explore unexamined and undermining beliefs about motherhood, babies, and the postpartum period.
  • Establish self-care practices from the very beginning, so that you stay healthy in body, mind and spirit.

You’ll receive a workbook, to guide your learning and implementation, and membership in a hosted online forum, for questions, concerns, and celebrations.

COMMUNITY: But our relationship does not end upon the completion of classes. The beauty of Nest is that we continue to meet virtually after classes are over. We stay with you! Through a moderated online forum and weekly, live drop-in group coaching calls with me, our community will continue to support you for as long as you desire.

Once you join Nest, you’re in. Membership includes lifetime access to all content, calls, and to the community. You’ll create your very own sisterhood of mothers who know exactly what you’re going through, so you’ll never feel alone.

To summarize, that’s:

  • Five 90-min in-person classes over five weeks in your third trimester of pregnancy.
  • Moderated, online community forum, for as long as you desire.
  • Weekly drop-in coaching calls upon completion of classes, for as long as you desire.
“Becoming a mother is one of the most important transitions of a woman’s life and I cannot imagine anyone I would rather have as a guide and mentor than Allison. Her compassion, gentle strength and hard-earned wisdom are exactly what I wish I had available to me when I was making the journey from pregnant to motherhood. I recommend Allison and her course wholeheartedly for any woman, any family, that wants to invite birth to be the amazing transformation it can and should be.” – Nona Jordan, master certified coach and mother


What You’ll Learn

 Nest puts the needs of new mothers and babies front and center and provides support to the body, mind, soul, and spirit of the mother-baby dyad:

Class One:

Centering Mother-Baby: The Babymoon and Continual Contact

Class Two

Support the Body: Practical Assistance for the Activities of Daily Living

Class Three

Support the Soul: Limit Stuff and Lavish Sisterhood to Promote Intimacy

Class Four

Support the Mind: Get Smart About Breastfeeding and Infant Sleep

Class Five

Support the Spirit: Nature’s Balm & Your Daily Self-Care Practice

“Allison was put on Planet Earth to heal mothers. This is what I knew from the moment I met her. It was so evident in the way she gushed birth and life and healing and health. This class is a culmination of all that she has learned from her own story, her research, and her work with other mothers. I am excited for her and for you to share in the bond that comes from this time of intimacy as you hold hands with others and welcome your child and yourselves into this new chapter called parenting.” – Rebecca Mullen, master certified coach and mother


Upcoming Course Dates – Wednesday evening classes

Dates                                                             Times                                                Location       

February 28 & March 7, 14, 21, 28        7 – 8:30 p.m.                                    Omaha (TBA)

April 4, 11, 18, 25 & May 2                       7 – 8:30 p.m.                                    Omaha (TBA)

For more information and to enroll, e-mail Allison at