“I can see through your fearful thoughts, to what you really want, and that you are powerful enough to achieve it.”

“I can see through your fearful thoughts, to what you really want, and that you are powerful enough to achieve it.”

Become the Heroine of Your Journey

As a life coach I can help you read your own story and take your rightful place in it as author and heroine. This isn’t academic. It’s life-changing.


One-on-one coaching is perfect for mothers in transition. Whether the change bubbles up from inside or is thrust upon you, we use its energy to create the life you want.

There are two things that put Allison in a crowd of her own. Firstly, she is a lovely mix of compassion and wholesome American with a bit of funny thrown in. Secondly, she has an absolutely incredible ability to remember things, so much so that it almost seems like she remembered everything I said from the first to last session, down to teeny weeny details. We would be talking about something on session 6, for example, and she would refer to some comment I had made months earlier at the beginning of our coaching and then something related from a few weeks after that – and then pull everything together to make a brilliant point. I was floored because most people’s memories are not that good.

I have thought a lot about this and, knowing her as I do, can draw only one conclusion. I believe it is because Allison completely LOVES what she does and really, truly cares about the people she coaches. That is why she is such a brilliant coach. I have recommended her to about ten of my friends, most of whom have coached with her and have been totally delighted with the results. One girlfriend who has done more than ten sessions said, ‘Allison surprised me with things she said and really made me think. I can’t say that about many people.’

Renée Elliott, Founder of Planet Organic, UK, and author of family cookbooks and food/recipe blogs.
London, UK

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Becoming A Mother is a brand new approach to childbirth education.  It is life-coaching program that focuses on the couple’s transition into parenthood. Classes focus on the twelve “Lessons of Birth,” which are practices and principles that support the mother in both birth and postpartum. Topics in childbirth education are reviewed, but the heart of the program is connecting parents to their inner guidance, their authority, their baby and to the social supports that are vital to a successful transition.

Becoming a Mother is the revolutionary course I wish I could have taken when I was expecting my own children. Allison was put on this earth to work with women and their families, helping them to navigate their lives in a way that is authentic and meaningful. She will be in your corner, giving you all the advice, support, and resources that you could want during this important transition. Birth is the doorway to motherhood, and new moms need more than a good birth plan to cross that threshold. Becoming a Mother will help new mothers to care for themselves and, in turn, to provide the best care for their children. This course will present new information – lessons that you won’t find in your typical birth education class – because this course isn’t just about birth. It’s about your transformation.

Kimberly, homeschooling mom of two and blogger
Yokosuka, Japan

This is the prenatal program you never knew you always wanted.

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I help women find ease and joy in motherhood. If your organization serves new and expectant parents, or if your playgroup could use some inspiration and tools, schedule a seminar with me.  See what I’m offering and where I’m scheduled at this link:

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Wise Words to Nurture the Heroine (You!)

Joseph Campbell brought the idea of the heroic journey into popular awareness. Here’s his definition of it:

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

a journey thrust upon an ordinary person, undertaken for the greater good and which pushes the hero to the limits of physical, emotional and spiritual endurance; in the journey the hero’s consciousness is transformed from ordinary to deeper and greater than the ordinary; the hero then shares her treasure with her community (The Power of Myth).

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

No one doubts that birth pushes us to our limits. In fact, Joseph Campbell said that birth was a heroic journey! But so is the 18+- year marathon that is motherhood!

Both birth and motherhood are filled with lower lows and higher highs than ordinary life, and as you experience these, you are transformed. After you give birth, there is no “back to normal.” There’s a new normal, which morphs into another new normal, and another and another as your baby grows into the person he or she is meant to be.

And there’s a sense – perhaps for the first time in your life – that you do it in the service of something greater than yourself. I don’t mean that your baby is greater than you (though he is absolutely gorgeous). I mean love. You do it – forego the drugs, withstand sore nipples, wash the onesies, get up again and again and again – for love. All the while knowing you are raising a human being who will, you hope and pray without irony, make the world a better place.

That makes you a hero, my friend. Claim it! What would be unleashed if we mothers did and really owned our power? What could be accomplished in our personal lives, our family lives, our work lives, in our community, in our world?

I’m dedicated to helping you do just that: to help you to claim the power that birth and new motherhood have shown you is yours and to use it for good in the world.

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