Empowered and Ecstatic Birth

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When I gave birth the experience exceeded all my expectations and was one of the most beautiful days of my life! After the very traumatic birth of my first child I was convinced birthing shouldn't have to be so interventionist. I was looking for a way to make birthing feel more natural and empowering and [...]

From Elective C-section to Waterbirth

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As the course progressed I let go of my fear, began to trust my body and even started to look forward to a natural birth. Allison is a wonderful, gentle, supportive teacher and her HypnoBirthing course was absolutely the best way to prepare for my daughter's birth, completely transforming my expectations and therefore probably my [...]

C-section Is Better with HypnoBirthing

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That's the beauty of HypnoBirthing; it's highly effective and adaptable to whatever plan you and your partner choose. My husband and I decided we wanted a HypnoBirthing early on in the pregnancy. As we completed the course with Allison, the gentle atmosphere of the class had us looking forward to and excited about birthing our [...]