What Gets Results?

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Baby Walking

Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions? If you groaned at that question, is it because you used to make them, but they never seemed to stick, and so the only result of your resolution was to feel even worse about yourself? Oh my god, me, too!

Motherly Love, Disentangled

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We are so intimately connected to our children and so influential that we can, unconsciously, believe them to be extensions of ourselves, instead of their own people. When we do that, challenging behavior becomes a judgment of our mothering. A child’s unhappiness becomes a problem the mother must solve.

Hide and I’ll Seek

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There she goes.

Motherhood is a long game. We’re only half way through it (the children-under-18 part, that is) but I am so glad I discovered unconditional acceptance when I did. I’m so glad Elliot never gave up trying to teach me. It shows me how to let go of my pride as a mother and listen to my children with an open heart.

“I haven’t gotten anything done!”

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Mine isn't empty, either.

Do you ever say that to yourself? What impulse is it that causes us to focus on what we lack instead of on what we have, on what’s undone instead of on what’s accomplished? While I’m not sure why we do this, I am sure it’s possible to shift our focus and that it’s a worthwhile effort.