“In 2002 . . .I had an experience that cracked me open wide: I gave birth. . . In birth I felt my own power for the first time in my life – power independent of anyone’s approval. In motherhood I felt my value.”

“In 2002 . . .I had an experience that cracked me open wide: I gave birth. . . In birth I felt my own power for the first time in my life – power independent of anyone’s approval. In motherhood I felt my value.”

Hi!  I’m Allison, and I’m so glad you’re here with me.

I help mothers and mothers-to-be find ease and joy in motherhood.  The information about birth and motherhood that is so widely-available is good as far as it goes.  But with me you’ll connect to your inner guidance, your own authority, your baby or child and to the social supports that are vital to your thriving.

I can be a guide to you because I’m a traveler myself – professionally and personally – and the journey fascinates me! I have always been a student of human nature. Family lore tells that I was a watcher from infancy! (“We were sure you could see right through us,” my dad says). My nature drew me to be a Naval Intelligence officer and then to graduate school for English literature. But I wasn’t content just to study. I wanted to share with others the beauty and wisdom of the stories and poems that were illuminating my life. So after earning an M.A. I became a teacher, and I felt I’d found my place.

In 2002, however, I had an experience that cracked me open wide: I gave birth. In the months and years that followed my daughter’s, and then my son’s, births, I re-assembled myself and found that I was somehow bigger than before. In birth I felt my own power for the first time in my life – power independent of anyone’s approval. In motherhood I felt my value. As much as I loved literature, I could not go back to my old life. I was not that person anymore! I became a childbirth educator. For seven deeply satisfying years I taught HypnoBirthing courses, attended births and also lectured at continuing education seminars for labor nurses and techs.

But something started to bug me. Though the women I worked with were well-prepared for birth, as often as not they were poorly prepared for new motherhood. A great birth didn’t necessarily translate into a great beginning as a mom. I realized that traditional prenatal education was treating birth as a finish line instead of as a bridge. I knew we could do better, that we needed to do better, to support mothers through their entire transition. When we don’t, we inadvertently teach them that they are on their own and undeserving. That mistake can persist for years and hobble their attempts to lead their children, negotiate relationships and advance professionally. In 2011 I became a life coach to mentor women in that process, from pregnancy to empty-nest. The world needs mothers to step into their power so we can all benefit from their energy and creativity.

What It’s Like to Work With Me

As a life coach I can help you read your own story and take your rightful place in it as author and heroine. And because I am a teacher as well as a reader, I’ll teach you how to do that for yourself, too. It isn’t academic work; it’s life-changing.

One-on-one coaching is perfect for mothers in transition. Whether the change bubbles up from inside or is thrust upon you, we use its energy to create the life you want.

Allison’s experience as a teacher, childbirth educator and mother have made her not only an incredible coach, but a gentle, loving and powerfully strong presence for women in all stages of life. She’s great at helping people give birth in all senses of the word and a thoughtful guide wherever you are on your journey. I value her approach, her directness and the breadth of knowledge she pulls from when in a coaching session with her. She has helped me to make lasting shifts in my life and is definitely worth the investment!

Boston, Massachusetts

Becoming A Mother is a brand new approach to childbirth education. It is life-coaching program that focuses on the couple’s transition into parenthood. Classes focus on the twelve “Lessons of Birth,” which are practices and principles that support the mother in both birth and postpartum. Topics in childbirth education are reviewed, but the heart of the program is connecting parents to their inner guidance, their authority, their baby and to the social supports that are vital to a successful transition.

This is the prenatal program you never knew you always wanted.

I have experienced Allison’s abilities as a childbirth educator and life coach. Words cannot convey how much I value what she brought to me in each of these situations. Through her openness and compassion as a life coach, I was able to move forward confidently and see my life and desires more clearly. As a childbirth educator she gave me information I needed, yes, but something more as well. She brought to light ways that I could cultivate my journey during my pregnancy and childbirth that would enrich my experience as a mother. I consider my time with Allison as truly indispensable. I continue to use the skills I developed with her, on a daily basis. They make a difference in my life.

Amy, homeschooling mother of three
Dallas, TX

If you’re local to Oahu, you can catch me out and about talking to parents and parents-to-be.  To see what I offer and when and where events are scheduled, visit my Seminars & Talks page.

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I’m so glad you’re here.


What is Life Coaching, Anyway?

Life coaching is for the “worried well”:  people who are emotionally healthy but in need of some help in making positive changes – or making change positive – in their lives.

I was trained by Dr. Martha Beck whose school of coaching is unique.  Most programs approach personal growth with the spirit of the Protestant work ethic:  you’re not good enough so I will step in with a Program of Discipline and Hard Work and keep you Accountable so you can Achieve your Goals!  But Martha’s approach is inspired by Eastern philosophy:  You’re enlightened already and only need to drop your delusions in order to find enlightenment again.  It isn’t a process of addition (work harder) but of subtraction (dissolve limiting beliefs). As the old beliefs fall away, you can see and feel your path more clearly.  You feel more energized, free, and empowered in your life.  The actions you take feel less like work and more like play.

This coaching is made for periods of transition, because that’s when the old is naturally falling away and making room for the new, the transformed.  Who are you meant to be?  Now is the time to discover.


Life Coaching FAQ’s

Is life coaching licensed or accredited?

No, and there are no plans to make it so.  Life coaches like the freedom!

I was, however, personally certified by Martha (“I’d hire you in a New York minute!” she said to me after I coached her as part of my certification. It was one of the high points of my life!) You can expect high ethical standards and professionalism from me.  If you experience otherwise, inform Martha Beck, Inc.

How is life coaching different from therapy?

For starters, I’m not a therapist.  Life coaching is part of a movement away from pathologizing the ups and downs of normal life experiences and of enhancing wellness instead of diagnosing illness.  In other words, we’re like personal trainers for your life.  In a life coaching session, just as in a personal training session, you’ll be challenged and encouraged and feel stronger at the end of it.  We also teach you the tools so you can learn to coach yourself.