Hi!  I’m Allison, and I help mothers and mothers-to-be find ease and joy in motherhood.  The information about birth and motherhood that is so widely-available is good as far as it goes.  But with me you’ll connect to your inner guidance, your own authority, your child, your partner, and to the social supports that are vital to your thriving.

I can be a guide to you because I’m a traveler myself – professionally and personally.

In 2002, after serving as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy, achieving my dream of being an English teacher, and having the career I had always imaged for myself, I had an experience that cracked me wide open:

I gave birth.

I had prepared for birth with HypnoBirthing, and it delivered on its promises: I was calm and comfortable without drugs, and I had a healthy, safe birth with no medical interventions. But for me it was more than that. I felt my power — power that didn’t depend on anyone else’s approval, primal power that came through me — for the first time. Once I experienced it, I could never forget it. It changed me.

As much as I loved teaching English, I now had a new calling: to help more women have gentle, empowering births. I became a HypnoBirthing Certified Educator in 2006, and since then have helped hundreds of women have deeply satisfying births.

Soon into my tenure teaching HypnoBirthing, I noticed that, regardless of their birth experiences, many moms struggled postpartum. Women go from a feast of attention and support during pregnancy and birth, to a famine after the baby is born — which is actually when support is really needed. Life coaching seemed to me the best model for learning how to mentor women through this normal-but-knotty life transition, so I trained with my (and Oprah’s!) favorite life coach, Dr. Martha Beck.

I have to pause right here and tell you, I’m so glad I did. Life coach training was in some ways like birth: it was the thing I never knew I always needed. It united the disparate strands of my personality (my empathy, love of learning, the way I am always connecting dots and making meaning out of things), education (a Master’s degree in English Literature, which means I’m really good at reading stories) and experience (teaching + mothering = lovingly guiding) into one coherent whole. Aside from marrying my darling husband and having children, becoming a life coach is the best choice I’ve ever made.

So,  since 2011, I have had the pleasure of coaching dozens of women through all the phases of their mothering journey, from pregnancy to empty-nest.

And after a few iterations, I have developed the postpartum preparation and support program I’ve been dreaming of: Nest. Nest centers the needs of mothers and newborn babies and guides you in creating the structures that support you: a loving community, abundant practical assistance, focused coaching, and deep self-care. (A slightly different version of this program is also offered through my wonderful partners at BelugaBean.com.)

If you are an expectant or new mother who wants a a great birth and postpartum, or if you’re a mother of older children who wants to live with more joy and purpose — to heal that troubled relationship, to do that thing that won’t let you go, to get unstuck or fall in love with your life again — I can help. E-mail allison@AllisonMechamEvans.com or call (808) 722-7401.



What others say about Working With Me

Allison’s experience as a teacher, childbirth educator, and mother have made her not only an incredible coach, but a gentle, loving and powerfully strong presence for women in all stages of life. She’s great at helping people give birth in all senses of the word and a thoughtful guide wherever you are on your journey. I value her approach, her directness, and the breadth of knowledge she pulls from when in a coaching session with her. She has helped me to make lasting shifts in my life and is definitely worth the investment!

– Erin in Boston, Massachusetts


I have experienced Allison’s abilities as a childbirth educator and life coach. Words cannot convey how much I value what she brought to me in each of these situations. Through her openness and compassion as a life coach, I was able to move forward confidently and see my life and desires more clearly. As a childbirth educator she gave me information I needed, yes, but something more as well. She brought to light ways that I could cultivate my journey during my pregnancy and childbirth that would enrich my experience as a mother. I consider my time with Allison as truly indispensable. I continue to use the skills I developed with her, on a daily basis. They make a difference in my life.

– Amy, homeschooling mother of three, in Dallas, Texas


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