Birth and motherhood are two of the greatest opportunities in a woman’s life for her to discover her power. When you embrace your power, it will change how you see yourself, and that will change everything: not just in your life, in the world!

Some part of you knows that’s true, but you wonder, Can it be true for me?

It Can.

In our culture women who become mothers are often taught to step from starring role to supporting cast. We do this because, at first, it seems we have to. In pregnancy, your body is taken over, and all the focus shifts to the baby. Then, he or she is born, and what remains of your sense of self and of your old life is dismantled by the moment-to-moment needs of your newborn, as well by your breathtaking love for them. There is no underestimating the power of that love.

But instead of being celebrated and supported at this time, most new mothers are left on their own and wondering why this seemingly simple thing – while amazing beyond words – is in fact so hard. Why is no one talking about this? you wonder.

Instead you are asked how she’s sleeping (Is she a good baby? Are you a good mother?), and when (If?) you’ll go back to work. In the vacuum of conversation about your transition, in the lack of support for you and your newborn, in the rush to get you “back to work” (I’m not working?), you come to feel that the work of motherhood is not really valued. People who do work that is not valued have little power.

This is a mistake and a lost opportunity. I have an alternative:

Motherhood As a Heroic Journey

What would happen to your life as a mother if you thought of yourself as the heroine of an epic journey?

Did you sit up a little taller just now? Feel a little braver as you read that question?

Whether you are a mother or a mother-to-be, if you are looking to feel that way more often and ready to make the changes in your life to back it up, you’ve come to the right place. Every heroine needs a guide and advocate to help her to step into her power. That’s me!

Is this you?

  • You’re pregnant and you really want a great birth – one that is not only healthy and safe but also a peak experience that you can look back on with a sense of pride and accomplishment. But you’ve heard so many scary birth stories from mothers with intentions similar to yours. With a 35% Cesarian-section rate in the U.S., you wonder if an amazing and powerful birth experience is really possible.
  • You dream of a gentle postpartum experience, where bonding and breastfeeding unfold easily and you get rest and loving care. But you have heard so many scary stories of epic sleeplessness and showerlessness and poor latch and colic. If one in five American women experience some degree of postpartum depression, you wonder if a gentle postpartum experience is really possible.
  • Your children are very young. They are adorable and funny and they teach you so much about living in the moment. But they are a lot of work in every sense. You feel “on” all the time and would love to put down the responsibility from time to time and feel free again – free to think or read or to have a grown up conversation uninterrupted! That sounds a reasonable desire, but you still feel a little guilty just thinking about it.
  • You adore your partner and feel grateful they’re sharing this journey with you. But since becoming parents you both have needs that aren’t being by the other. You want them to take more responsibility for the children and for household chores. They want more sex. Resentment has built up on both sides. There’s a gap between you that you want to close but you don’t know where to start.
  • You love being a parent and know it may be the most important thing you ever do. But you feel the pull of a calling beyond motherhood, whether that’s back to your pre-child career or something totally new. You’d love a career that would be both fulfilling and allow you to keep your family the first priority of your life. But what would you be qualified to do now, who would hire you?

If any of these statements apply to you, I can help. As a mother and wife, childbirth educator and life coach, I can see through the fear in those thoughts, through to what you really want, and I can see that you are powerful enough to achieve it. It is my passion to help educated, professional mothers and mothers-to-be to see themselves as the heroines they are so they can embrace their power and create the life they really want for themselves, their families and to benefit future generations.

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